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Till now we have worked with 50+ ecommerce clients, with a proven track-record of scaling their sales and improving ROAS.

Our Case Studies

Wellness Brand

About : Nutritional supplement products and personal care brand

The Pain Point

They were seeking to generate profit from Facebook/Meta as a separate channel and able to fetch decent ROAS through it  

The Solution

We implemented and set up the entire segmented Facebook remarketing funnel for their website to churn the best ROI. After figuring out the best set of affinity audiences and the enticing creatives.


We handed them a 15% monthly growth for an year on Facebook/Meta Ads channel in terms of ROI .

Skincare Brand

About : Dermatologist formulated luxury skincare brand.

The Pain Point

They were finding it difficult to scale while maintaining the ROAS. As soon as they tried to scale, their ROAS dipped substantially.  

The Solution

We started with Optimizing the website to increase the conversion rate. Structured the account basis the buyers Funnel i.e. Top, Middle & Bottom of the funnel. Found 5-7 winning products.


We grown both spending and revenue by > 400%
Reduced View Content’
To ATC’ to PUR’ drop

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