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Ready to turn your online store into a conversion powerhouse? Look no further! Our checklist is your ticket to higher sales, happier customers, and a stress-free e-commerce journey. 🌐💰

We are a performance marketing agency with 4+ years of experience and till now worked with around 100 eCommerce clients. Based on our experience and the pain points we have created this amazing checklist.

Let’s make one thing clear, CRO is just a part of your overall eCommerce sales strategy and our painstakingly crafted CRO checklist will give an edge if implemented properly. We are not here to sale false dream of propelling your online-store’s sales to 10x or more, we are here to assist you with a realistic and scientific touch of CRO for your website/app to sale better and gradually increase the revenue on MOM basis

What you will get:- CRO checklist/guide to fetch those buyers who are not purchasing and making repeat sales of your buyer little-bit smooth.

Who are we: RCP is a Performance Marketing Agency. We have worked with 100+ ecommerce brands. Also, we are Meta/Facebook official marketing partners. We have managed INR 35+ crores (around 5Mn USD) of ad on Meta and Google. In short, we know how to scale eCommerce sales.

Glimpse and suggestions of what you’re signing up for.

## The “Don’t Miss a Sale” Checklist

### 1. **Page Speed: Faster than a Pizza Delivery**

  ⚡ Optimize images: Because pixels shouldn’t be as slow as snails.

   🚀 Minify code: Less baggage, more speed.

   🕵️‍♂️ Browser caching: Make browsers your shopping assistants.

   – 🚀 Minify code: Less baggage, more speed.

   – 🕵️‍♂️ Browser caching: Make browsers your shopping assistants.

### 2. **Mobile-Friendly Magic: Swipe Right for Conversions**


   – 📱 Responsive design: Don’t make customers zoom like detectives.

   – 🤳 Touch-friendly buttons: No one likes playing “Where’s the Add to Cart button?”

   – 🕶 Test on all devices: Because your website isn’t an exclusive club.


### 3. **Checkout Charm School: Making Payments Less Painful**


   – 💸 Guest checkout option: Let’s not force everyone to RSVP.

   – 🧾 Clear pricing: Avoid surprises; save the drama for your Netflix queue.

   – 🚚 Transparent shipping: No one likes a shipping-cost ninja ambush.


### 4. **Call-to-Action Chronicles: Buttons with a Purpose**


   – 🛒 “Add to Cart” – Make it irresistible, like a midweek dessert.

   – 🎯 “Buy Now” – For the decisive shopaholics.

   – 🔥 Urgency buttons: Limited-time offers or FOMO? You decide.


### 5. **Form Fields: Don’t Ask for a Novel**


   – 📋 Keep it short: Long forms are so last season.

   – 🤖 Autofill magic: Save customers from typing gymnastics.

   – ❌ Avoid CAPTCHA drama: Prove you’re human without a headache.


### 6. **Trust-building Tactics: Because We’re Not in a Spy Movie**


   – 🔒 SSL certificate: Secure the fortress!

   – 🌟 Customer testimonials: Let happy customers do the talking.

   – 🏆 Trust badges: Because trust is the new currency.


### 7. **Exit Intent: The Casanova of Second Chances**


   – 🚪 Exit pop-ups: Say goodbye with a tempting offer.

   – 📧 Capture emails: Keep the conversation going, like a good pen pal.

   – 🕵️‍♀️ Survey the abandoners: Get feedback and fix the leaks.


### 8. **Testing, Testing, 1-2-3: Because Guessing is So Last Decade**


   – 📊 A/B testing: Pit your ideas against each other in a friendly battle.

   – 🧪 User testing: Let real humans tell you where it hurts.

   – 📈 Analytics: Numbers don’t lie; they just need a good interpreter.


Ready to witness the magic? Get the checklist now and watch your conversion rates soar. Don’t let your e-commerce dreams be dreams! 🚀✨

(*Disclaimer: No unicorns were harmed in the making of this checklist.*)

Welcome to the Conversion Boost Masterclass! 🚀

Are you tired of watching potential customers slip through the cracks on your e-commerce site? Ready to turn those browsers into buyers? Look no further – our E-commerce Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Checklist is here to rescue your sales!

🌟 Why You Need Our CRO Checklist:

  1. Stop Cart Abandonment in Its Tracks: Bid farewell to those abandoned carts like a pro. Our checklist will have you plugging those revenue leaks in no time!
  2. Maximize the Power of Your Call-to-Action (CTA): Make your CTA button so irresistible, even your grandma can’t resist clicking! (And she’s a tough customer!)
  3. Mobile Optimization Made Easy: Because let’s be real, if your site isn’t mobile-friendly, you might as well be sending smoke signals to your customers. Get with the times!
  4. Load Time: Faster Than a Pizza Delivery: If your page takes longer to load than it takes to order a pizza, you’ve got a problem. Let’s fix that, shall we?
  5. Product Descriptions That Sell Themselves: Because “meh” just doesn’t cut it. We’ll show you how to make your products sound so good, customers won’t believe they lived without them.
  6. The Art of the Upsell: Like a smooth-talking car salesman, but without the comb-over. Learn the secrets of upselling that even your customers will thank you for!

🚀 But Wait, There’s More!

  • BONUS 1: A dance-off tutorial for celebrating every successful conversion. (Dance moves not guaranteed to improve your conversion rate but highly recommended for your mental well-being.)
  • BONUS 2: A virtual high-five from our team for each checklist item completed. Because we’re in this together!

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Note- CRO checklist will be automatically emailed to you once placed the order.

Disclaimer: Results may include increased profits, a boost in confidence, and the occasional happy dance. Side effects may also include jealousy from your competitors.


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